3 Energy Systems to Check before Buying an Old House


If you have considered buying an older home, then be prepared to spend a lot of money and time for repairs, even if this is not the case at all times. If you are lucky to have bought well-maintained homes, then you only need to have minor repairs or maintenance done to it. Later additions might be built to lower standards than the original, though, and might require lots of repairs.


However, despite these, if you are willing to buy an old house, then make sure to check the following things. Remember that older homes usually have at least one system that needs to be updated.

Electrical Systems


Tube and knob wiring was used in the 20s – 30s, when electricity was first added to residences. This type of wiring was primarily used for lighting, as many electrical appliances we use today were not yet available then. When more conveniences became accessible, this wiring was changed and expanded. Keep in mind that although knob and tube wires still work, they can be hazardous. You can usually find wires of these types in attics and basements and if you do find them, then get them updated with newer ones.

Heating Systems

When coal first became accessible to many, homes were retrofitted with central heating systems that had chimneys. As the years passed, many of them were converted to gas- and oil-run systems, which still vented into the same unlined chimneys used in the earlier models. If flue liners are present in a home’s heating system, they are often made of terracotta and can quickly deteriorate with heating equipment that have higher combustion efficiency. It is a fact that restoring a heating system can cost much, and thus, make sure to check its type, efficiency, age, and condition first to avoid wasting money and time. Also, you may find cast iron boilers in old homes. Despite being built to last, you have to spend to update them to reduce maintenance and heating costs.


Today, Liquefied Petroleum Gas is being used in homes all over the world. That’s because it is the closest off-mains means that we have next to natural gas. Installing LPG gas cylinder in your house should be handled the assistance of a professional. Your local supplier could help to decide what kind of LPG gas installation you want for your kitchen!


Plumbing Systems


In old houses, plumbing systems are usually a mix of new and old materials and fixtures. Make sure to have cast-iron pipes and older fixtures replaced first, as they might have leaked, corroded, had a lot of minerals accumulated in them, or have become broken. Also, be sure of closely inspecting all exposed pipes to see for yourself if they are working properly.

If pipe and plumbing fixture replacement and repairs are needed, then make sure to contact and hire licensed and skilled plumbers immediately. You could design a new system to save more water. Keep in mind that plumbing problems slowly destroy walls and foundations, cause wastes to stay inside the home longer, and, as a result, do harm to the health of the people living in it.


You can evaluate the home yourself. However, if you want to ensure an accurate evaluation, hire a professional home evaluator to accompany you.

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