“The Renewable City” Peter Droege World Council for Renewable Energy Author: The Renewable City

Peter DroegesDespite the mounting cost of climate change and the peaking of oil, natural gas and uranium supplies well within this generation, the vast majority of cities and urban communities is managed, administered and planned as if such crises did not exist. Indeed, the transition from fossil fuel dominated cities to an urban future marked by an evolving renewable-energy based infrastructure requires entirely new tools and frames of planning and decision-making.

Drawing from his new book – see http://www.renewablecity.org – Droege examines and outlines the architecture of an unprecedented urban transition, squarely focused on action. Where implemented swiftly, it consists of new design, planning and management decisions, profoundly challenging practitioners, academics and political leaders to take action in communities and cities. The inquiry draws hope from successful urban sustainability trends, emerging infrastructure directions, renewable energy applications and related new approaches to urban planning and the design of cities.

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